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Twitter is a wonderful tool for building your brand and getting your business noticed. But, how do you find new tweet ideas?

Tweet Ideas are hard to come by. Sometimes it can be even harder to come up with 100’s of them. Automating is the easiest and most effective way of doing it. This is where you take a piece of content and fold it in on itself repeatedly until you have a ton of different variations.

In this blog post, we will show you how to use Twitter Advanced Search to find hundreds of ideas for new tweets.

When it comes to tweeting, many people have trouble coming up with ideas. The idea generation process is the hardest part of Twitter because the possibilities are endless! You start with a great idea, and then you post it but realize you have already tweeted it before. That’s definitely a problem that you’ll be glad to be able to solve.

I can show you an easy and powerful way to find tweet ideas that can help you win on Twitter without having to break your head every time, using the power of artificial intelligence.

Here’s how you can get it done:

There are many great tools to choose from on the market. I recently started using for my content, which is a wonderful tool for writers.

Flawlessly you could write a lot more using the tool like writing social media headlines/copy or writing copy for your website, ads or blogs, but let’s talk about one thing: finding tweet ideas.

To do so, click here to sign up for PepperType, then visit the main page, and find the Tweet Ideas button.

  • Easy to use. Simply type in a keyword, select a category and hit ‘Done’. You’ll get a list of a ton of relevant and unique tweets to copy, paste and tweet.
  • Quickly generate content that’s relevant and engaging for your audience.
  • Try it out. Now you can generate 100s of tweet ideas on Twitter in under 30 seconds.
  • Save hours of time and effort by instantly finding trending tweet ideas in any niche market.

Pro-Tip: Keep clicking ‘show more ideas’ until the suggestions stop being unique or applicable. Use Gather Content to extract the repetitive line items and add them to your content library for future use!

Twitter Tip: Most people are not aware of the fact that Twitter is not just about posting your tweet and then forgetting about it. If you are tweeting, you should be following others as well (if you don’t, you are missing out on some actual interesting tweets). It would be best if you were tweeting and following people regularly so that you get noticed.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article about how to come up with tweet ideas. If you have trouble coming up with tweet ideas, we hope this blog post has helped you out. Please share with your friends and don’t forget to leave a comment.

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